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Q1. What kind of software application have IT Systems developed ?

A1. IT Systems developed client server applications with either WEB management console or thick console client.

Q2. The servers used for running IT Systems application are restricted to a specific OS ?

A2. No, we can develop applications for most of the operating systems on the market Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

Q3. If we want to integrate 2 or more systems is IT Systems capable to develop the required connectors and interfaces in order to have them integrated ?

A3. Yes, we have extensive experience in system integration, data mapping and systems interconnect.

Q4. What are the most used programming languages used by IT Systems ?

A4. We have a vast experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML, Perl, Visual Studio (C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++), Oracle 9i-10g, Bash, KSH, AJAX. However we can evaluate the possibility of development on various other languages.

Q5. Is there any waranty for IT Systems products after delivery ?

A5. Yes, all our products are sold with 1 year waranty and support included. Additional we can offer on customer request a full support package which includes free updates to new product versions and also training hours.

Q6. What are the IT Systems H-S Solutions ?

A6. Hardware-Software Solutions offered by IT Systems are fully functional solutions for a specific applicability which contain both the Hardware and the Software component.

Q7. If we aquire one of the H-S Solutions do we need other equipment or software ?

A7. All solutions have some prerequisites but for most of the only the computer and an internet connection is required.